Elastocon calibrates calipersElastocon calibrates surface platesElastocon calibrates gauge blocks

Length is the unit where we have most methods for different types of instruments.

Micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, measuring scales, measuring tapes and surface plates are calibrated both on-site at the customers facility and in our calibration laboratory.

Gauge blocks, rings and gauges are only calibrated in our calibration laboratory since there are special demands on both the environment where it’s done and the equipment that is used.


Elastocon calibrates temperature sensorsIn our calibration laboratory we usually use a liquid bath for calibration of temperature sensors, this gives the best accuracy.

We can also calibrate in air, i.e. when the sensor cannot withstand liquid.

Furthermore we can calibrate heating cabinets and liquid baths.

On-site we use block calibrators which give a slightly less accuracy, but is smoother for use in the field.


Elastocon calibrates pressure gaugesWe offer calibration of pressure gauges from -80 kPa up to 40 MPa. This is done both in the field and in our calibration


Elastocon calibrates balancesBalances are calibrated almost only in the field, this is due to the fact that display of mass is greatly affected by the ambient environment, i.e. gravity and air draughts.

We are accredited for calibration of balances/scales up to 150 kg. Scales up to 5 000 kg we can calibrate with traceability according to our own method.


Elastocon calibrates hardness testersHardness testers for rubber and plastic in the scales IRHD and Shore are calibrated both in our laboratory and in the field. Reference blocks for Shore and IRHD are calibrated in
our laboratory.


We calibrate tensile testers up to 500 kN and then the calibration of speed and tension can be included.

We can calibrate other types of force measure instrument such as load cells with amplifiers as well.

Elastocon calibrates tensile testers


This calibration is mainly performed on tensile testers.


Just as for speed this is calibration mainly for tensile testers. But we can manage other types of extensometers as well.


(non accredited method)

As time reference we have a computer that is traceable calibrated against an atomic clock at the Technical Institute of Sweden.

Relative humidity (RH)

Elastocon calibrates hygrometers(non accredited method)

Hygrometers are calibrated in our laboratory, whilst climate chambers most often are calibrated in the field for practical reasons.

Gas flows

(non accredited method)

Flow meters for ageing cabinets and analytical instruments we can calibrate for flows up to 20 l/min.


Elastocon calibrates gloss meters(non accredited method)

We can calibrate gloss meters that measure with different angles.


(non accredited method)

Elastocon calibrates torque wrenches

We calibrate torque wrenches up to 3 000 Nm.

In cooperation with another calibration company we can offer accredited calibration as well

Electrical units

Elastocon calibrates resistivity testers and conductivity meters(non accredited method)

We calibrate resistivity testers and conductivity meters.

In cooperation with another calibration company we can also offer calibration of other instruments such as multimeters as well.

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