What cookies are and how they work

Cookies consist of small text files. The text files contain data stored on the visitor's computer. On and off, the site requests data from the cookies the visitor has stored on his computer. Websites use cookies, among other things, to store settings for how the site is displayed to the visitor. Another common use of cookies is as part of gathering information about visitors' behaviour.

Elastocon's use of cookies

Elastocon uses cookies for various functions of the site as well as to follow up on the site visitor traffic, in order to improve the site with the help of collected data.

Elastocon uses two types of cookies. The one type is a lasting cookie that saves a file for a long time on the visitor's computer. It is used, for example, for features that tell you what's new since the user last visited the current site. The other type of cookies is called session cookies, and these are valid only during the visit to the site, for example, to keep track of whether the visitor is logged in. Elastocon also uses so-called third-party cookies for, among other things, analysis of traffic patterns using third parties.

Visitors' consent

The visitor who wants to avoid using cookies may change privacy settings via settings in the browser's security options so that the browser does not receive any cookies at all, or the visitor gets a query every time a site tries to place a cookie on the computer. The visitor also has the option of accepting session sessions only through his browser. The visitor can also choose to remove previously stored cookies. Unfortunately, all features will not work on Elastocon's website for those visitors who choose not to accept cookies.